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Equine Podiatry is about improving hoof health, either to fix

hoof problems or to enjoy barefoot success (or both)



 Welcome to my Website


I am an Equine Podiatrist, which means I specialise in hooves, particularly those baffling cases that don’t seem to respond to conventional treatment.  I recognise that hoof problems are often caused by imbalances in the body (whether biomechanical, metabolic or nutritional), so I combine my knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology, with a detailed understanding of hooves (in other words I’m a bit of a hoof geek!) to provide a much more holistic and effective approach to hoofcare.


Some people hire me on a temporary basis to fix particular hoof problems, while others use me regularly to keep their horses’ hooves in tip top condition so they can enjoy soundness barefoot.


I am not a farrier, which means I don’t shoe horses.  This doesn’t mean I am against shoes, but because shoes disguise a lot of lamenesses, I like to work with all horses barefoot.  This means I can trim them myself, assess the true extent of their lameness, evaluate their health more effectively and work to return correct function to the hoof capsule as quickly as possible.  Thanks to modern advances in booting and hoof support techniques, shoes can be removed from the worst of hooves without adding to the discomfort of the horse.   Although many of my clients have used me for several years, sometimes the horses return to shoes and the care of their farrier once the underlying hoof problem has been fixed.  Either way is fine by me.  I’m just here to help.

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